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From FM Logistic to VIVE Group – Piotr Sukiennik is the new president of VIVE Logistics

Piotr Sukiennik has been appointed President of VIVE Logistics and Director of Transport and Logistics in VIVE Textile Recycling.


From 1996 to 2018 Piotr Sukiennik has been gaining professional experience and was one of the main co-implementors and authors of FM Logistic development strategy in Poland until 2018. In 2000, he was appointed director of the Polish transport division, and after four years as operating director for all other services (storage, handling, co-packing, co-manufacturing). In 2010 he became the general director of the Polish FM Logistic branch, and in the middle of 2016 he was entrusted with the management of the company’s structures in Central Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and the Baltic States).

During this time FM Logistic gained recognition of its customers in the form of the Bronze and Golden Emblems awarded to the best Operators in Poland for providing the highest level of services.

Piotr Sukiennik joins the VIVE Group team. In VIVE Logistics he becomes one of the shareholders as well as the President of the Management Board. Within the framework of his duties, the President of the Company will be responsible for the management of its entire operation, and above all, for the preparation and implementation of a long-term strategy of development.

As the Director of Transport and Forwarding Division of VIVE Textile Recycling, he will co-create the strategy and manage the transport, forwarding, logistics and purchasing processes of the Company.

All my energy is currently focused on preparing a strategy for VIVE Logistics. Knowing the market, customers and their needs perfectly, we would like to come forward, guaranteeing services consistent with the individual level of quality expectations. Our strategy is simple: to guarantee the highest level of quality in logistic services.” – said Piotr Sukiennik, President of VIVE Logistic Services.

Piotr’s team is joined by Rafał Wit, a professional with many years of experience in logistics, which he gained at McLane, Nagel, Chep and FM Logistic. Rafał will take the position of Vice President and Commercial Director of the Company of VIVE Logistics. Rafał, in his professional career to this date, has implemented numerous strictly logistic projects (storage, co-packing, distribution, groupage, international transport). He was responsible for contract logistics sales and managed the transport sales team. Over the last 4 years he has signed several dozen contracts (TRA, WHS, COP), which resulted in yearly percentage increases. He participated in the design of operational models and solutions dedicated to Customer requirements.

I put emphasis on the commercialization of the Kielce area, building market confidence, and development of domestic and intermodal transport services first. We see great potential in new technologies and IT solutions that will revolutionize the logistics market. I believe that thanks to the measures taken, by 2020 VIVE Logistics will have been a fully reactive and comprehensive operator in Poland with an influence over key regions“. – said Rafał Wit, the Vice President of VIVE Logistics. –At the same time, I hope that our activity within the VIVE Group carries a meaning which is transferable to the world of logistics – social responsibility and environmental impact.

Logistics is yet another investment, after the launch of voice control technology for sorting process, and the production lines for alternative fuels and textile composites, by the owners of the VIVE Group, Agnieszka Servaas and Bertus Servaas,

Development is the natural goal of any organization. Investments in logistics are, apart from research and development (R&D), one of the main directions of development of the VIVE Group. – said Bertus Servaas, President of VIVE Textile Recycling. – I see enormous potential in the development of the logistics industry. The operation of any economic entity, regardless of its size, structure or sector, is linked to logistics processes. Their main objective is to implement a  multidirectional, multilayered and multi-entity coordination, cooperation that must take place in resource flow processes in order to ensure an appropriate level of customer service. The same is true in sport – the right strategy, selection of the best players, professional training facilities and faithful fans allow the team to reach for the highest trophies. In handball, we have reached the top, and we are aiming high in logistics as well.– Bertus Servaas, President of VIVE Handball SA added.


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