VIVE Textile Recycling


Our products are packed according to the following standards:

Worn clothing (sorted or pre-sorted)​

0 kg

Bag 50, average weight 30 kg

0 kg

100 Plusbag, average weight 100 kg

0 kg

50 Plusbag, average weight 50 kg

40- 40 kg

Pressed bale average weight 40 kg – 500 kg

Industrial cleaning cloth​​

0 kg

Pressed bales weighing from 10 to 100 kg, on pallets with a total weight of 300 kg (the size of the packaging can be adjusted to customer preference)

Recycling materials

Various packaging to be agreed upon in each case

We have two loading points, which allow us to efficiently manage the distribution:

Export Loads

Loading of trucks and sea containers to Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America.

Address: VIVE Group Logistics Center, ul. Malików 147, 25-639 Kielce.

Wholesale point

Loading vehicles up to 3.5 tons, intended for wholesale and individual customers.

Address: Sales Warehouse, ul. Olszewskiego 6, 25-663 Kielce