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VIVE Logistics is an independent company with capital ties to the VIVE Group, which has been present on the market for 26 years. We have our representatives in 4 European countries, in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and the Netherlands. As a logistics operator, WE pay special attention to professional and customized service. We provide comprehensive contract logistics services based on a logistics center in Kielce with an area of 25 000 m2, equipped with modern technology and environmentally friendly solutions. The offer of VIVE Logistics includes, among others, warehousing, picking, Value Added Services, domestic, international and intermodal transport. The main objective is to provide the highest quality services in Poland.

Currently, the VIVE Group employs 3,000 people, 130 of whom are our specialized and experienced drivers, who have 80 Euro 6 class vehicles, no older than 3 years, at their disposal in their daily work. Additionally, we have 700 BDF-type swap bodies at our disposal, which makes VIVE Logistics the leader in Poland and puts it at the top of the EU.

Contract Logistics

VIVE Logistics offers you basic and expert logistic services currently based on the warehouse located in Kielce.  We provide services from the simplest processes such as pallet receipt, storage, preparation of documentation, loading to delivery to the final recipient. Additionally, we offer complex processes of mix pallet receipt quality control, repalletization, cardboard and unit picking as well as co-packing services.

For manufacturers

As a trusted partner, we ensure the security of our services. Together we will adjust the processes so that you can focus on the business while we take care of the completeness and timeliness of your deliveries. Our first commercial location in Kielce is based on sharing of space: resources, costs and consolidation in transport. We use 25,000 m2 of space and 1,500 m2 of office space with a possible expansion. The highest standards of the offered processes and their quality  combined with experienced personnel and the use of our own fleet are a guarantee of the proper performance of the assigned tasks.

Our Customers, in the Logistics Operator of the Year survey, indicated us as the leader of Logistics in the category of Customer Loyalty.

For Exporters

Our presence in the Świętokrzyskie region, convenient location in relation to railway and the number of daily connections allow us to deliver your goods to Europe every day. Our team of experts in road, rail and maritime transport will assure operational stability and cost-effective solutions to meet your needs in terms of transit time, flexibility and innovation. VIVE Logistics is known for its high level of service and unique solutions. The adopted model allows us to select appropriate, qualified subcontractors based on the diverse requirements of customers with emphasis on safety, professionalism and environmental responsibility.

For e-commerce and omnichannel

The key reference is our long-term cooperation with the Fashion industry Clients. Every day we receive about 700 SKU/500 tons and divide them into different sales channels. We use our own means of transport to complete deliveries to chains in Poland, as well as abroad to wholesale recipients and divisions in the EU. The established infrastructure also allows us to handle complex market returns.

For retail chains

We are aware of our customers’ needs very well, the VIVE Group has a network of over 40 stores located in Poland, where a competitive market, consumer expectations and availability of products are crucial. We complete dozens of deliveries every day. We offer flexibility that fulfills the “time to market” in 100%. With resources and an effective warehouse management system, we invite you to cooperate, in order to satisfy your warehouse needs, consolidating imports, labeling and delivering services to your central warehouses in Poland.

For distributors

Our offer for distributors is based on a comprehensive management of their customers. To achieve that, we use cutting-edge IT tools so that, in an easy and clear way, we are able to handle all orders, even those most difficult. For demanding customers we have a “tailor-made” solution.


VIVE Logistics sets itself apart by offering by the possibility of organizing transport at the national and European level without any limitations on the level of complexity, guaranteeing delivery on time and availability of vehicles regardless of the situation on the market (drivers, vehicles) and seasonality. We are an expert in providing full and partial transport. The product groups supported include FMCG, HPC, industrial, household appliances, electronic devices and spare parts for vehicles. Starting from their transport through storage to distribution to final customers. Our specialist team and tools allow us to plan in real time and track your shipment at any time. We are the only company in the country which has more than 700 BDF-type swap bodies. We are proud of our fleet, which allows us to win prizes and awards for customer loyalty. Our fleet is adapted for daily deliveries to retail chains and production plants. We already handle network customers whose ambition is to use our swap bodies for distribution to their customers and retail chains.

Our qualified dispatchers and drivers are responsible for the efficient work of transport crews.
Their work is supported by cutting-edge IT technologies and telemetric systems, allowing for efficient management of the company in the field of transport services and settlement of drivers’ working time.

130 drivers

80 vehicles and 90 chassis

FMS Transics and SPEED systems

700 BDF-type swap bodies

GPS monitoring system for vehicles and semi-trailers

Cross dock


Our subcontractors are selected based on quality and availability of vehicles and drivers. We choose smaller companies, provide services exclusively for VIVE Logistics. We offer short payment terms, advantageous semi-trailer leasing, mileage warranty and daily work support systems.

If you have any questions or want to place an order, please contact our Forwarding Department, which is composed of employees with many years of experience in their field.


We have a modern logistic / logistic-reloading center, which allows us to provide fast and cost-optimized handling of containers managed by local terminals. In our daily work we strive towards a high quality of service with the most effective use of the operator’s containers, so as to actively participate in the process of CO2 reduction and maximize the use of available infrastructure. We have a fleet of chassis and vehicles, which allow us to handle a large number of containers on a yearly basis.

Scope of services provided:


Value Added Services

In our services we offer consulting and preparation of promotional kits, packages, stands and labeling.

We support our clients at every stage of the order:

Groupage services

Together with the changing market, we plan to implement a complete groupage transport service. Currently, we are beginning to discuss potential locations which will build our network. Our goal is to be able to make AB deliveries to all chains and traditional markets from 1 to 33 pallets in 2020.

Vehicles and swap-bodies

Permissible set total weight: 40 T
Permitted set load capacity:  20000 kg
Loading volume:  120 m3

Length:  18.5 m
Width:  2.5 m
Height:  4 m

Loading width:  2.45 m
Loading height:  3.0 m SIDE LOADING HEIGHT:  3.0 m

Empty weight: 3000 kg
Permissible load capacity: 11 tons
Loading volume: 60 m3 / 19 euro pallets

Length: 7.8 m
Width: 2.5 m
Height: 3 m

Loading width: 7.8 m
Loading height: 2.45 m SIDE LOADING HEIGHT: 3 m

Swap bodies are ideal for intermodal transport, transport of high volume goods, loading and reloading, as well as short-term storage of goods at the Customer’s premises. Examples of cargo that is transported by swap bodies include pallets, buckets, packaging, PET preforms, wicker, tires, household appliances and many others.

Unique design

The swap body can be quickly removed and placed anywhere in the loading area.

Easy to load

The specific construction of the body allows the loading and unloading of goods in three ways:
from the top – by folding the roof,
from the side – by opening the side walls
from the back – by opening the rear door.
These methods make the process of loading quick, convenient and safe.


Nadwozia mogą pomieścić 38 załadowanych palet, czyli aż o 5 palet więcej niż w tradycyjnej naczepie. Dodatkowo istnieje możliwość zwiększenia wysokości prześwitu dachu, dzięki czemu załadowany towar może mieć do 3 metrów wysokości.

Dodatkowy magazyn

Nasz Klient nie musi się martwić, jeżeli nie posiada hali lub pomieszczenia magazynowego, w którym mógłby trzymać towar. Nasze nadwozia mogą również pełnić rolę magazynu, co jest ekonomicznym i tańszym rozwiązaniem.


When conducting our business we focus not only on economic effects, but we always remember about the natural environment and its protection. We take steps to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Our drivers receive training in eco-driving, thus reducing fuel consumption, extending the life of their tires and brakes. We cooperate with socially responsible companies, aware of the issue of recycling. We use the highest quality fuel, to cause the environment as little harm as possible.