VIVE Textile Recycling



In every VIVE Profit store you will find thousands of original clothes.

We change the assortment of each store once a week, so that you will never miss out on new products and deals. Here you can see when the new goods are delivered to your shop!

Of branded clothes

With us you can buy clothes individually or, on the last day before the new delivery, in bags, available in four sizes:

34,99 zł

47,49 zł

69,99 zł

299,99 zł

You can put as many clothes as you can fit into a purchased bag. It is a simple and cost-effective solution!

Discover our stores

The first VIVE Profit store was established in 1995. Currently, the chain operates 32 stores throughout Poland, offering customers unique second-hand clothes.

Visit us – you will see why customers are so eager to buy from VIVE Profit!

We encourage you to watch a video showing the interior of one of our stores.


100% assortment replacement every 7 days

Regularly, once a week, the entire assortment is replaced, so you can be sure you will always find something special and you will not encounter the same product.

Large selection

More than 100,000 branded clothes available in every store, every day!

Easy access to stores

For accessibility, each store is located in a convenient communication point, usually on the ground floor of the building, with an accompanying parking lot.

Savings and freedom of choice

You decide how and when to buy! Prices of products decrease every day, and the day before the complete replacement of goods, you can also buy with the use of bags, in one of the four available sizes. However, you will always find good prices and unique products of many well-known brands!

Freedom of purchase

Forget about having to navigate between hangers and baskets! Thanks to the large area of our stores (at least 800 m2) you can freely browse and choose the products you are interested in.