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Active for 26 years, VIVE Textile Recycling is the leading force of the textile recycling industry in Poland and Europe. The company’s goal is to make 100% use of second-hand clothes, segregated every day in the number of hundreds of tons, using the most modern, fully computerized clothes sorting lines available in Poland.

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We operate in the recycling industry

In a multi-stage production process,  raw material that does not meet customer requirements is discarded or turned into industrial cleaning cloth to be reused. Currently, in line with the VIVE Textile Recycling program “Let us protect the environment – together”, we strive towards the possibility of processing 100% of the raw material delivered to our plant.


Active for 26 years, VIVE Textile Recycling is the leader in the textile recycling industry in Poland and Europe and is considered to be innovative, modern, reliable and stable. Being fully aware that the future of the industry lies in how the raw material is used, VIVE Group invests in the development of modern and efficient textile recycling processes that enable the production of new items from recycled textile fibers. VIVE Group’s mission is to give textiles a new life, and to apply the 3R principle: reuse  reduce recycle

Thanks to optimization of costs incurred by the company and application of innovative recycling methods, VIVE Group is currently a leading company in Poland producing alternative fuel from textiles, the main recipient of which is Cementownia Ożarów S.A. It has also developed an innovative textile composite for industrial use and produces industrial cleaning cloth used by companies in a wide range of industries. It is also expanding its business in the field of transport and logistics, offering its customers a wide range of TSL services and A/A+ class warehouse solutions. It also specializes in transporting spatial and standard loads with high volume swap bodies of BDF system, carrying out transports on the international market and offering a distribution system for retail chains with the use of its own dedicated fleet.

The company is committed to the 100% use of second-hand clothes, segregated every day in the amount of hundreds of tons, using the most modern in Poland, fully computerized lines for sorting clothes, allowing the processing of 500 tons of raw material per day while maintaining the highest quality standards ISO 9001 and 14001. Every day, more than 990 employees, working in a 3-shift system, sort and pack finished products from 700 different assortment groups. Products prepared in such a way are sold to over 70 countries worldwide and to VIVE Profit stores with unique second-hand clothes, located all over Poland.

VIVE Group pursues a policy of sustainable development in order to meet the social and environmental challenges facing all business and public entities in the world today. Taking its commitment to sustainable development very seriously, being a recycling leader, the company is committed to act for the benefit of both the environment, its employees, local communities and market education.

Long-term success of the company means innovative products and services, but also responsible treatment of the environment in which it operates. As a socially responsible entrepreneur, it supports the activities of the VIVE Kielce Sports Club and the VIVE Serce Dzieciom (Heart for Children) Foundation.


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