About the Company

The Company VIVE Textile Recycling was created in 1992 and is the biggest company in VIVE Group. We are in the business of textile recycling, retail and wholesale trade of sorted and unsorted clothing imported from Western Europe, as well as material processed into industrial wipers.

Several treatment steps are involved in our work – from sorting to wholesale and retail trade of used clothing, industrial wipers and other products of recycling process. Finished products are purchased by our loyal customers from many countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and even North and South America.

Material that doesn’t meet our quality objectives is reworked into industrial wipers.

We own an automated sorting line. We participate in the quality management system programme ISO 9001:2008, certified by DEKRA.

Multi-stage production process requires high quality standards and would not be possible without our professional staff, that now numbers more than 1200 people. Our employees and managers are the most valuable asset of the company, therefore we constantly invest in them.

We are one of the biggest and the most desirable employers in the region. We make sure that all employees have clear and stable conditions of employment.

We constantly invests in our employees’ development and introduce solutions aimed at improving comfort and work safety.

We focus on continuous development of the company, therefore we are constantly seeking new sourcing and sales markets for used clothes and innovative solutions for textile recycling.

Each day over 990 people, working in shifts, process 500 tonnes of material, sorting it into 700 different assortment groups.

Assortment groups

The whole process comprises several phases where the movement of the material is supervised by the system of visualization of the processes, supporting its management.

We continuously improve our work processes related to textile recycling, we implement ideas and solutions prepared by our employees, so that the company’s activity is not only in accordance with the stringent ISO 9001 and 14001 quality standards, obligatory in VIVE Textile Recycling, but is also friendly to its surroundings as well as the natural environment.

  • Phase 1
    Our work starts with unloading of the raw material delivered to the factory.

  • Phase 2
    Then, the raw material is initially sorted and goes to conveyor belts that transport it to the Sorting Department I.

  • Phase 3
    After the initial sorting of the raw material it is transferred to the Sorting Department II, where the clothes are delivered.

  • Phase 4
    Employees of the Sorting Department II sort the clothing into different types, distributing them into charging chambers.

  • Phase 5
    Grouped clothing goes to the Sorting Department III where specific groups of textile are sorted into specific textile quality group, tailored to the quality requirements of customers. Clothes are classified individually and if they don’t meet the set requirements, they are directed to industrial wipers processing department.

  • Phase 6
    When the third sort is finished, products go to the packaging department. Clothes are packed in bags or compacted in a baler.

  • Phase 7
    Packed textiles are carefully weighted and marked with a barcode.

  • Phase 8
    The finished product is transported to store rooms or it immediately goes to loading. Warehouses receive 1500 tonnes of the final product a week.

  • Phase 9
    Textiles designed for wipes are transferred to the Cutting Department where rejected clothes are cut into industrial wipers.

“ Recycling industry has developed dynamically. New areas, which may be its field of growth, are setting trends in research of hitherto unknown use of textile waste material. VIVE Textile Recycling is today in the avant-garde of this research. Pioneering projects lead by the company places it among the most innovative companies..."

Forbes wrote about us, Forbes’ Diamonds 2014

Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004, certified by DEKRA is the best confirmation of our commitment to environmental protection.

During the multi-step production process, the material which doesn’t meet customers’ requirements will be processed into waste and wipers for industrial reuse. Currently, in accordance with the provisions of the programme VIVE Textile Recycling “Together, we are committed to environment” we work toward the possibility of processing 100% of the material disposed of in our factory.